CAGE Codes
  • 4PCJ9
DUNS Codes
  • 792184066
  • 561311
  • 561320
  • 561110
  • 541990
  • 541712
  • 541711
  • 541690
  • 541620
  • 541614
  • 541611
  • 541330
  • 511130
  • 488190
  • 237120

Our Customers

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

MES oversees the installation of Enterprise Physical Access Control Systems
(EPACS) for EEOC utilizing the complete Gallagher Security Solutions Suite (card
readers, controllers, enrollment station and head end servers) in 53 different
federal government locations nationwide.

U.S. Department of State

MES provides augmentation services CONUS and OCONUS for the U.S.
Department of State.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

MES provides administrative support services at Natural Resources Conservation
Service (NRCS) state and field offices in Iowa, Montana, and Oregon. Duties include
accounts management, data entry, and document review.

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

Together with sister company and joint venture partner Dae Sung, we perform specialized support services for DLA Aviation at Tinker AFB, Warner Robins AFB and Hill AFB, which include all areas of contract administrative support.

U.S. Army Rock Island Arsenal

With Dae Sung, we provide staffing support at the Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center civil service workforce. The personnel we supply cover diverse fields of expertise, including engineering, the physical sciences, logistics and quality assurance.

Our staffing services fully accommodate federal budgetary constraints and variable employment timeframes.

United States Air Force

MEC Energy Services is an established and internationally recognized leader in the field of corrosion prevention, control program policy and policy oversight. Our team of experts developed new, more effective Corrosion Prevention and Control Programs for the following U.S. Air Force Weapon Platforms: C-130 tactical and special operations aircraft, C-5 cargo aircraft, and rotary wing. We conduct on-equipment corrosion surveys and corrosion program assessments worldwide, revise technical data and drawings, develop and conduct material tests and evaluations, and demonstration/validation of new, more effective and environmentally acceptable corrosion inhibiting materials and processes.

Our C-5 and C-130 SPO corrosion program customers have both been recognized by U.S. Air Force senior executive personnel and the Air Force Corrosion Program Office as the "Best in the Air Force."